Please Sir, I Want Some More

I’m not a big breakfast person. A normal breakfast for me is either nothing at all or finding whatever I can that would sustain me until lunch. So when I do have a chance for a real breakfast-a meal with hot sausages, eggs, and all the good stuff-I enjoy every last bite of it.

Fancy it was that I had two real breakfasts in a week. The first was last Friday when I was honored by the Archdiocese at the Heart of the School award. REAL sausage links, fluffy eggs, fresh cut fruit, and pastries for the picking. Yeah, it was heaven. But who would have thought that I would have it twice in a week.

The second the breakfast was this morning. This one topped it all. Not only did it had sausage links, my favorite breakfast food ever, but also the best eggs, bread, jam, fruit, and you-name-it-and-it-was-there-and-i-ate-it. My plate was loaded and I was eating away; eating like a poor college student. It was the best breakfast in the longest time (or since last Friday) and then the worse thing ever happened!

My alarm rang.

Honestly! It was like if the waiter came and took my plate away as I was eating on it. The best breakfast ever and it was taken away from me. So what if it was a dream?  It was a good dream where I had free food and didn’t have to worry about calories. Gosh, I was so mad when the alarm ran that I woke up only to hit the snooze button. Mmm…sausages.


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