Driving is Bad for My Health

People tend to get road rage when stuck in traffic or get cut off. Due to this sudden onset of strong emotions, it is often seen as unhealthy and can be consider dangerous. It is often prescribed that these people avoid driving when in back traffic or better handle their anger. As for me, my problem for driving is more anxiety issues.

Yes, I am a city driver. I obey the speed limit (plus 10). I abide stop signs (by rolling through them). I can rapidly change lanes in small gaps (sometimes without signaling). I can parallel park (with the occasional love tap). I am a (l33t) city driver. But there is one thing I can’t handle. Potholes.

Winter does cruel things to Chicago streets. Potholes the size of Alaska and on occasion, Russia. Honestly, they’re everywhere and trying to avoid them can cause head on collisions. But dear God, each time I see a pothole, my anxiety level spikes. My adrenaline sky rockets as my whole body cringe as I drive over a pothole. It’s like I’m having a heart attack, heart burn and a racing heart all at once.  The rough bump on my poor car and the possible lost of control. Oy! I’m afraid that one day, I’m not paying attention and I will hit a pothole and get a flat tire. Ugh, what an awful thought. And to think! I don’t know how to change a tire. I hate potholes. Stay away.


4 thoughts on “Driving is Bad for My Health

  1. Okay – so I know you don’t know me, but I am Karen’s cousin. I just couldn’t help myself. You ever thought of learning to change a tire. Then you might not freak out…

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