Off to the Retirement Home

Down in Chambana for the weekend, I came to the realization that I am old.  Like really, really ridiculously old.  The college kids going out on a Friday night all look like they’re still in high school.  Murphy’s became extra preppy.  And oh yeah, I know like 20 people now versus hundreds before.  And I always thought it was weird seeing old alums visiting during homecoming.  Guess I’m one of the old farts now.

Being that this was an NFK weekend and Erica being on team, I partook in the festivities once again.  My Koinonian years finally became apparent to me and to others.  According to Chris Siefert, when you hit your 10th retreat, you’re old.  But, when you hit your 20th, you’re ancient history.  My first Koinonia was NFK76 in Feb 2003.   It’s now Feb 2008 and NFK96.  Mother of pearl!  I felt like a child molester amongst all these noobs and young NFKers who I don’t know.  It was weird, awkward (hugs) and comforting to know that even though I am old, the Church is still flourishing and young.

Putting things into perspective though, I know I’m old but I also know that I will never be forgotten.  Julia Gregg said to be Saturday night, “Pham, don’t over exert yourself tonight.  You’re old.  Don’t worry, we’ll cart you out in a wheelchair tonight and send you off to the retirement home.  I promise to come visit you and play bingo.”

Thanks Julia.  I promise I won’t beat you too badly at bingo.


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