A good prank must follow these 5 basic rules:

1. It needs to be well thought out.

2. It cannot be destructive.

3. It needs to be in good taste.

4. It needs to be funny.

5. It needs to be designed/personalized with the prankee in mind.

That being said, I have pulled some amazing pranks over the last 10 years. Two involved a cow, a least half a dozen involved my boss, another dozen had a “pink” theme and one included a McDonald’s drive-thru. I love pranks. I love pulling them and watching the laughter of the pranked one.

Being a prankster, I acknowledge and appreciate when there’s a good prank. More importantly, I welcome pranks to be pulled on me; it’s only fair. Though sadly, not many people have dared to pull pranks on me. There had been a couple here and there, but those were all poorly executed and back fired. Then came this weekend when I went to visit Erica and I asked Katharine to cat sit for me at the last minute. I got home after 1 AM last night and the people on the first floor could here me laughing. Katharine got me good. I didn’t see it coming and she followed all the rules. This was the best prank pulled on me in the last 5 years. Thanks Katharine, I’ll always think of you when I go to the bathroom.

Katharine’s Prank:

My Reaction:

The Prank:



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