Elixirs of the Gods

It’s a Tuesday evening and I feel like doing nothing. So here I am sitting at the futon wasting my night away when I decided to get myself a drink. I was going to get myself a pop but then I saw it. Something so delicious and beautiful that I haven’t had in a long time. My Goodness! My Guinness!

Sitting and sipping my delicious Guinness, I cannot but help ponder what are my top 5 drinks of all time. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you…

The Elixirs of the Gods

5. Coffee, black. Why yes I love a hot cup of joe each morning. Nothing wakes me up than the strong aroma of coffee and its robust, delicious taste. Sorry, no Folgers or cheap employer coffee. Starbucks is good but not the best. My brew of choice would have to be Metropolis coffee. Delicious. Robust. Vibrant. Oh so good.

4. White Chocolate Frostea. This is a delectable winter joy brought to the world by Argo Tea. White chocolate meets white tea; how can it not get any better. The moment you take the first sip, you’re brought into a winter wonderland. Delicious!

3. Guinness. Quote Msgr. Stuart Swetland, “Ah Guinness. The elixir of the Gods.” I don’t need to justify why it’s in my top 5. It’s heaven, dinner and a pint all in one.

2. Gin & Tonic w/ Bombay Sapphire. Call me an old man, but I love gin & tonics. However, the gin must be Bombay Sapphire; otherwise, it’s just not that good. A little lime wedge as garish and I’m a happy man.

1. Tattoo & Coke. It’s taste like Dr. Pepper but it’s not. It’s amazing! Credit goes to Katie for introducing me to this amazing drink. Captain Morgan’s Tattoo and Coke are the best combo ever!


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