Irish Asian

Standing outside of Johnny O’Hagan’s waiting for the trolley on a cold flurry St. Paddy’s Day morning shortly after 9, I was still laughing at the fact that I was going to be in Chicago’s St. Patrick’s day parade. Who would have thought that I, a short Asian boy, would be in the St. Patrick’s day parade? Look at me, standing amongst strangers (well, the whole O’Hagan family) in Wrigleyville posing as an Irishman. Oh how sweeter could it get?

The party trolley came (and loaded w/ booze) and we were off to the parade. I thought driving to Grant Park was a trip, once we got there and were queued for the parade, the party only got better. Free food, beads, Irish memorabilia and booze covered the 3-4 blocks of waiting floats. It was a green sea of Irish and I was swimming in it.

Swimming? Correction, I was as Irish as the rest of them. I was 100% Irish and walking down Columbus. Kiss me, I’m Irish Asian.


One thought on “Irish Asian

  1. btw, I passed this info along to Mairead and she’s totally jealous. someday she wants to come do st pattys day in chicago. be warned.

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