Hip EurAsian

Sometimes I wonder if I could do a sociological study on myself.  I mean, I think I’m interesting enough to be observed and ponder about.  Come to think of it, my friends often put me in my own classification.  “You’re just Pham.”  It’s true.  I am Pham.

I’m Asian, but I’m a Twinkie and would like to be white.  I dislike my kind (Asians…almost all of them).  I think half-breeds are beautiful and that is why I can never date Asians.  I am a prep (kind of).  I am a hipster (poser).  I want to be Euro (but can settle for the look).   I am witty (NOT!).  I am sarcastic (not really).   I’m a beer connoisseur (with an Asian glow).  I am runner (who doesn’t run).  I am a blogger (who needs better posts).  I am a vlogger (who is really boring).  I am a professional (procrastinator).  I am nerd (no comment there).

I am Pham.  I’m not one thing but I aim for many.  I try to break cultures because I want to be part of them all.  Sadly, I have yet to pull off one.  Duhr!


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