Coffee House Lovers

If there ever was a perfect love story, I would have one that would touch the hearts of all.

There was one a man, witty and fair, who would walk the bustling city streets alone.  He found no joy or love at work or at home.  Amid his busy life, he was alone and lonesome.  Each night he would dream of his one love; the one love that he hopes to meet and spend the rest of his days with.   Only every next morning, he would wake up alone and continue on his bland days of life in the city.

Walking down the shadowed streets of downtown, he would look into different coffee shops wondering and hoping if he will find his love.  Alas, each shop he would peer into were all the same.  Chained to one another, he would often order the same drink only with different prices.  Though slightly better than what he makes at home and by far better than what he gets at work, the drink does not fulfill his need to find love.

Seattle’s Best…nothing.  Starbucks…nothing.  Starbucks in office building…nothing.  Starbucks in the office building on the 15 floor…nothing.  The poor man still looks and seeks for his love.  All he desires is for another who enjoys the brew as much as he does.  But he can only wishes.

One day, he was walking around his neighborhood in hopes to ease his loneliness.  Knowing luck, he would not find love.  Except on this day.  Today, luck and love paired up.  Dwelling on his pains, he went one block further before turning left on his normal route.   Not too apparent of what had happened, the man continued to walk along before something caught his eye.  Could it be?  His destined love?

He walked closer, admiring the beauty.  No, it’s not a chained shop but something different and more beautiful than he could imagine.  He peeked into the window and only realize on the other side of the glass is his destined and true love.  He found love!

Walking inside the shop, he could not help but admire the beauty that was before him.  “Can I help you?” the girl behind the counter asked.  He blushed, realizing how stupid he was looking.  She smiled back.  He ordered his regular drink and she made it with love and care.  Sitting down, he still eyed his love.  He was in love and he knew it.  The shop girl saw his and laughed, “Isn’t it wonderful?”  “Yes.” he said.

From then on, each day he would come to the independent coffee shop to sit, sip his coffee, read his paper, work on his laptop, blog and everything else he wanted.  He found his love.


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