Roaring Along

I always wondered what it was like to live in the roaring twenties. Seeing the movie Leatherheads only further incited my curiosity. The colors, the music, the parties, the fashion, the sharp witty sarcasm, the alcohol…wait, damn! But seriously, who wouldn’t want to dress up fancy and sharp just for kicks, dancing the night away and going to speakeasies?

Walking home from the theater, I could not help myself but mentally transform Sheridan Rd. back 80-some years. The street lights would glow in the dark night as stone road would run down the highway. The brick buildings overseeing Sheridan Rd. await its occupants as they stroll home from a night of pleasure and secret debauchery. Men in long coats and hats pace down the sidewalk. Women with their clicking heels, turning heads as they make themselves known on the way. Nothing could compare to the excitement in the atmosphere of the roaring twenties where there is excitement at each moment.

As for me, I would enjoy a night at The Green Mill, listening to jazz and sneaking in a few drinks. Perhaps if I’m lucky, catch a glimpse of Al Capone. And if I’m really lucky, there won’t be a prohibition raid. I’d be among company of classy women and good gentlemen as we listen to famous jazz artists. Then to cap off the night, we’d continued to the Aragon to dance the night away and living it up during the roaring twenties.

Alas, I can only dream of those days. I may not have the opportunity to live during that time, but I can sure say one thing: I would definitely fit in.


One thought on “Roaring Along

  1. Have you heard of The Violet Hour in Wicker Park? It’s a secret (kind of) bar styled after a speakeasy!

    The bartenders aren’t bartenders, but actual, certified mixologists. They don’t allow cell phones, the atmosphere is intimate, and it’s supposed to be wonderful (I’ve never been)

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