Formal de Fever X!

Saturday night, I attended my tenth Fever Formal. That’s right ladies & gentlemen, my tenth! It was Erica’s last Fever Formal and I couldn’t say no to such a pretty girl. Though hesitant as I was to attend again, mostly because I am “old” and the crowd has gotten younger over the last few years, I was quite surprised of how many people I knew.

Karen & Mairead drove in from Cincinnati. Katharine, Sandy, Paul, MOswald, Liz, Dan & Lisa, & Liam came down from Chicago. The Quasar siblings were out in force. The Fever alums hobbled around the dance floor. Let’s not also forget 8 of 10 runnerds from Team Illini was present. Additionally, 5 runnerds for season 2 of ADoRunRun was present and rocking the night away. Best of all, I was in good company.

Looking back, this was a wrap up of college again. It wasn’t the best Fever Formal, but then again after going to 10, they all blur together. However, I can admit that each one had its moments.

Formal de Fever 0: It was towards the end of my first year in college and I was leaving Newman when I bumped into Chris Sturhan. He asked me if I was coming to Fever Formal. I said no because I did not receive an invitation. He said, “Well, you’re invited now. I’ll see you tonight?” Sorry Chris, next time…and every time after that.

Formal de Fever I: Knowing the Fever boys and their late delivery notice for invitations, once again Chris Sturhan asked if I was going to Fever Formal. This time it was 3 days prior. I asked if that was the invite? He proceeded to say, “Yeah, because paper invitation always get lost in my bag.” From which I turned to my left to my friend Iza who immediately said “NO! I can’t find a dress and shoes in 3 days! If you can’t find another date in 3 days, then I’ll go.” Everyone else was taken, so on the day of Fever, Iza realized she had put her foot in her mouth. It was both of our first Fever Formal and we both had a wonderful time. I did lose my date for most of the night because Iza was catching with friends. Though, in the end it was my first of many memorable Fever Formals.

Formal de Fever II: This time around I got my invitation early. The issue this time was…okay, there were a few issues but it made for one of the most hysterical formal stories ever. It was a poor choice to go rock climbing in Southern Illinois the day of Fever only to have to race back to shower, clean up and pick up my date. Time was off the essence and being a guy, it wasn’t too much of an issue until…POP!

Formal de Fever III: My date this time was an IOU date. A good friend needed a date for a previous formal and I couldn’t make it so I gave her an IOU. We had a good time until her EX showed up. So I had to play buffer until I happen to lose both of them. Turns out they talked and reunited that night. Aww…

Formal de Fever IV: Let’s just say there was a lot of drama at this one. This is when I realized that guys (and by that I mean me) are dumb and stupid.

Formal de Fever V: The first Fever Formal that I help host. Let’s just say 140-160 people showed up. We had an engineering feat for our overflow room thanks to MOswald. Yes it was crowded but honestly, it was amazing. Oh, and just because I’m Asian doesn’t mean I know how to DJ.

Formal de Fever VI: Kara was abroad so I was pretty much chilling at the bar all night long. It was my first stint at bar tending and I had great time. I never thought it would be so much fun serving people drinks. I got to talk to everyone and made everyone happy. Though I did have a close call when I had to cut a friend off. Scary, but we men of Fever endorses safe drinking habits.

Formal de Fever VII: It was my first time back to UofI since I graduated. Why not hit up everything at once? Honestly, it was my first time going stag to a dance post grammar school. Mixing it up was nice because for once, I felt comfortable with myself and am able to have a good time alone.

Formal de Fever VIII: Just came back to say goodbye again.

Formal de Fever IX: Erica asked me to be her date, which in turned became our first date. She wanted to be styling and themed. How she convinced me to do this before we started dating, I don’t know. But I gotta admit, we sure looked classy.

Formal de Fever X: This past Fever was Erica’s last one. I wanted to make sure she went out with a bang…and you know what that means? New shirt & tie once again. The most surprising part of this one was that as Erica was partying it up, I too was able to do the same because of all the old people that returned. It’s nice going to a party where everyone knows your name.


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