Nerdfighter Lexicon

If you don’t know about the VlogBrothers and Brotherhood 2.0, then 1. you’re missing out and 2. this is way over your head. But seriously, DFTBA.

1. Brotherhood 2.0 – It’s a whole new kind of Brotherhood; a project involving Hank and John Green and several thousand people who are made of awesome
2. Communcation – How Nerdfighters talk to each other
3. Decepticon – The opposing force of the Nerdfighters
4. DFTBA – Don’t Forget To Be Awesome
5. EBO – The Evil Baby Orphanage – where Nerdfighter take babies that will become evil adults and put them in an orphanage
6. Happy Dance – The most clear and distinct way to physically express pure awesome
7. Jefanuary 1st – The yearly celebration marking the beginning and ending of Brotherhood 2.0
8. Jokes – Cool or Awesome
9. My Pants – A place to gather and funny saying to put at end of book titles
10. Nerdfighter – …is like a regular person, except instead of being composed of like tissues and cells and organs they’re made out of awesome; Someone who fights for all things awesome
11. Nerdfighter-like – When two Nerdfighters start seeing each other and touch and hug and nothing else
12. Nerdfighter Power – The Awesome Secret Project when the Nerdfighters took over the internet (or just YouTube)
13. Nerdfightastic – Something better than jokes and awesome combined
14. Nerdfightaria – Anywhere a Nerdfighter is esp. Winner, ND
15. On Your Head – A place to put things
16. Peeps – An awesome snack for Nerdifghters (no more than 12.5 should ever be eaten in one sitting)
17. Secret Sibling – A Nerdfighter who makes videos about Brotherhood 20
18. Tragedies – Uncool
19. Weekeepedia – How you correctly say Wikipedia
20. Worldsuck – Anything in the world that isn’t composed of awesome
21.Worldwide Nerdfighter Scavenger Hunt – A worldwide hunt for clue in the real and virtual world created by John and Hank
22. Yeti – John’s wife, Sarah


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