This is Me Smiling

Smile and the world smile back at you.  As true as that saying is, sometimes you just wish your smile was more of a scream.

For the last week, I haven’t been able to sleep well.  I would toss and turn all night until the morning breaks.  With a month left of school, I have at least a dozen deadlines each week – none of which have yet been met.  The problem with school is that when you start up each fall, everyone groans and moans.  Then you get into grove and all is well until break is around the corner.  But the biggest problem is when the end of the year rolls by.  Everyone wants out.  The seniors are completely gone, the juniors can’t wait to rule the school, sophomores just want to be respected, the freshmen are just glad it’s over and the teachers…well, we can’t wait until the warm summer days down in Florida.  Problem with this is that I do not have that luxury as everyone else; I’m stuck in school year round.  That being said, summers are easier than the school year, but that’s only if I hit all my deadlines before the school year ends.

So going back to my sleepless night, I once again try to plan out my days in hopes of hitting at least one deadline before the kids are saved by the bell.  However, knowing my luck as always, everything gets thrown up in the air and I strike out before the end of the day.  I get home, exhausted from the lack of sleep, crash from the fatigue and wake up by 8 to eat dinner, surf and get more work done before I attempt to sleep at night and plan my next day.

Today was no different.  Waking up groggier than the day before, I rush out the door to work, sparing just enough time to iron my shirt.  Once I get to school, already exhausted from the drama of the past few days, I only get bombarded with more.  Looks like I’m not getting anything done today.

I asked kid to leave the classroom due to behavior.  I had to take care of Sev 3 tickets that I’ve been putting off due to more important things.  Deal with pointless repairs due to neglect.  Make the biggest purchase of my IT career.  Filter in half a dozen more quotes and get re-quotes on them only hours later.  Grade projects that came in late and updating my grade book before failure notices are due tomorrow.  And oh yes, the pinnacle of the week is preparing for tomorrow where the whole school gets observed.  Once again, nothing I desperately needed to get done 3 days ago was completed and tomorrow is not looking any better because of the school observation.  At least I got free lunch today right?

Here’s to a nap, a baked potato, another working and sleepless night, an extra early morning and oh so wonderful joy again.  And through it all, I see you smile, so this is me smiling.


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