Yeah, I Don’t Need Your Fancy Gym

Panda & I were catching up as we walked through downtown Evanston. As we waited for the light to change at an intersection, a buff young man in his mid-twenties came up and ask me if I want a free trial gym membership. He must have looked at my form and saw how wimpy I looked. I kindly passed but he insisted.

“No seriously, I just run to keep in shape.” I said.

“Oh really? So do I. We have the state of the art treadmills. In fact, I used those to train as I ran my first half marathon this past March.” He added.

“That’s nice. I just ran my third a few weeks ago,” I said with a huge smile.

He looked at me, looked at my form again and then returned a gapping stare. I thanked him for trying as the light changed. Good thing I didn’t ask for his time because I would probably* leave him further speechless.

* skinny runnerds are faster than bulky jocks


One thought on “Yeah, I Don’t Need Your Fancy Gym

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