Trust.  Nothing is harder to do than trust; especially when you don’t know the outcome but trust that it will be for the better.  For the past 2 years, I cannot believe how much I put my trust into others, situations, and God.  Once I graduated college, I put my trust in God that I will find a job and know my calling.  He took care of me and brought me to the best experience of my life, Quigley.  Then came the lack of friends and the loss of my network post college.  Once again, He lead me to be wonderful new people and allowed me to become closer to old friends.  When Quigley closed, I trusted Him to find me a new job and He did.  Now, I trust Him that my future will be in good hands because I don’t know what’s going to happen and what’s next, if it comes to that.

Trust is the hardest thing for me.  But all I have done is trust.  And my trust has been rewarded over and over again.  And now, I trust again.  I trust that everything will be alright.  I trust that He will lead me and guide me always.


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