Confessions of a Teacher

You know you’re a teacher when a nightmare consists of dreaming about a field trip.

I woke up this morning clinching my bed, more exhausted from the night before and on the brink of cold sweat, wondering what the heck just happened. Looking around at my surroundings, I realized it was only a dream. DAMN THOSE LITTLE STINKERS! It was only a dream!

Only a dream but it felt so real. So I decided to take my G33k Squ4d kids and my Multimedia class on a field trip. Where we went, I still don’t know but all I know was that it was quite the adventure. Here’s what I’m able to piece together:

– Matt was always complaining and whining.

– Tiny, Nick, Campbell, Radek and Alex were doing something grossly illegal that consisted of fire.

– The 3 sisters were having a dance party on the bus. Jon Jon & Steve tore out some seats to make a dance floor. The seats were thrown onto the road behind us.

– Brandon was organizing a coup.

– Rodolfo was war driving.

– Alicia was found either asleep in random places that we went or was playing on her iPod Touch.

– Katia decided to start her own coup against Brandon & I.

– The twins and Kevin were being “cool” seniors.

– We lost Taylor. We left her behind somewhere.

– The bus driver left us and I had to drive the bus.

– Kate was still making puppets of everyone.

– Bolling & Country were rocker stars and had a mob of fans chasing after them.

I don’t know about you, but as a teacher, field trips are the worst idea ever. That being said, I told my kids about my dream yesterday and they were literally on the floor laughing…they said that everything I dreamt about was not that far fetched. Those little stinkers!

All I know is that the dream reflects on how much I’m going to miss them. They make be little stinkers but I’m going to miss them a lot.


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