This is Me Still Smiling

One year ago, on the 3rd Friday in June, I drove down LSD for the last time.  I was being terminated on this day and ending a 6 year relationship with the AOC.  Today, on the 3rd Friday in June, I’m driving down LSD again only to start a new.

I could not help but notice that nothing had changed.  LSD was still the same with the backed up traffic at Belmont & Fullerton.  The oncoming clouds from the west means rain and there was me without my umbrella again.  The cathedral lot open and flowing with cars.  The walk to the PC as plain as it could be.  The security code still being the same after 6 years.  The old faces that I last saw 2 years ago and their personalities; all the same.  The training and server room all…wait what?  It’s clean???

Okay, so a few things did change, but for the most part, it was as if I never left.  But then again, there was one thing noticably different.  I’m no longer a kid.  I’m actually an adult now.  Yeah, HR noticed and I couldn’t help but smile.

True, I gave up being the top dog and being my own boss for a more simpler gig.  It’s going to be a lot different and I will really miss the administrative work.  However, this environment is a lot better and for once, I’m not dead at the end of the day.

Today was good.  Monday will be better.  I look forward to the many days thereafter because I will be smiling each day.


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