Mac OS Ferret

Alicia insisted that I had to meet Brian yesterday.  She said that I would appreciate him and we would get along.  She was right.  Brian is one of the multimediaist of the AOC; he does photoshop, video editing, music editing, radio editing and even DJs on the side.  But the best part is, he’s a PC person.  (Insert cheesy grin).

Brian basically said that Macs are unoriginal, useless and a fashion.  He adds that he can do everything that a Mac does on PC easier and in less time.  All applications that are found on a Mac he can easily get on a PC.  What he doesn’t understand is why Apple names their OS after animals.  Heck, if their OS is so good, how come so many new versions are coming out one right after another?  But the kicker is this:  “I will buy a mac when OS Ferret comes out.”  Amen brother, amen.

So yeah.  Brian is awesome.  Eat that Mac lovers.  By the way, did I mention that Brian is 25 and so much cooler than you could ever realize?


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