Happy Run

A year ago, while I was training for my first Chicago Distance Classic, MOswald and I decided to do our long run along the lakefront path together.  We biked from my apartment along the lakefront to Lincoln Park by the field house off Lake Shore Drive.  As we were heading south to our rendezvous, neither Matt or I could help but notice the odd walkers on the path.  I mean, it was a nice day so more people would be out but umm…hot pink?

Matt looked and me and I just looked at him.  We shrugged and just rode on.  When we switched to running, we had the most interesting time trying to stay focused on our run.  Not only were people all over the path, but the amount of scantly clad people out numbered those on the beach.  Matt just looked at me with the priceless expression, “Did I just run by a guy in a bright thong and a bra?”  I neither affirmed nor denied his question because I was about to run into a mob of transgendered people.

So apparently it was the gay pride parade in Chicago.  So our plan of seeing girls in bikinis kinda backfired.


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