Caffeine Fix

I could not help but laugh hysterically today when Sergio & I returned from working on a ticket.  The elevator door opened and there was Ino & Michelle waiting nervously with manila envelopes in their hands.  I casually asked what they were up to and the guilt brust out of Michelle.  “We’re stealing coffee!”

Sergio & I looked at each other and agreed, “We’re in.”

Apparently, the good coffee to make our 15 pots a day are only distributed to those above ground.  So off we were, seeking the precious elixir.  We had two leads, Cardinal’s office and Tribunal.

DING!  4th floor Cardinal’s office.  Thankfully the stash is hidden away and it was easy to reach.  I dutifully guarded the elevator while the other three pushed forward.  The sweet smell of coffee empowered our drive to seek and pillage all its wonderful goodness.  Ino searched the table while Michelle and Sergio sought each door.  And then…DANGIT!  Someone got here before we did.

Falling back, we had one last hope, Tribunal.  This one was trickier.  It was in plain sight for all.  It was risky, but our need was great and our passion was even greater.  One by one, we manuvered our way to coffee station, watching our backs and being as invisible as possible.  One.  Two Three. GO!  We all dashed for the coffee station and started to seek our hearts’ desire.  As sought our treasure, I happened to turn around and realized we were one pirate short of a mutiny.

“Michelle!” I called.  She ditched us and fell back, watching us ransack the place.

“It’s too open!” she said.

From which I replied, “I see how it is, let the minorities do the dirty work and get caught.”

Just then, Sergio said that there was none.  Oh the sadness that fell upon our faces.  We started to head back to our dungeon when it dawned upon us.  Where’s Ino?

“Ino!  Come back!  Don’t fall for the coffee cake!  It’s a trap!”  It was too late.  We lost a good soldier.  Returning empty handed, we knew that we just had to go a day without coffee.  Oh the pain and agony.  Next time, we’re bringing a treasure map.


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