Excuse Me, I’m Walking Too!

Riley, O’Shea and I were walking to the lot after work today.  As usual, we were talking about stereotypes and joking about the different conotations of being American, Irish and Asian.  Walking side-by-side and laughing on the large sidewalk, we headed past this woman, passing on the right as Americans should.  We were moving over  as we saw someone from the other direction was walking until…*BAM!*

This large guy in a yellow shirt and bookbag intentionally put his shoulder down and pissing hit me.  Pointing to the sidewalk next to the tree, he then exclaims “Excuse me but I’m walking here!” Riley, O’Shea & I all looked confused and pissed.  Who the hell in their right mind does that?  It’s not like we took over the whole sidewalk like a group of teens or a mob.  There was plenty of sidewalk for you too.  Was it too hard to take a step to your right?  I would expect this behavior in New York or LA, but Chicago?  Who do you think you are?

I’m sorry but I’m walking too!


2 thoughts on “Excuse Me, I’m Walking Too!

  1. A couple of weeks ago, Paul and I were at the mall and as we were leaving a store, I looked to the left and a woman was walking towards us. There was plenty of time/room for us to step out in front of her without causing a collision or without interupting her stride. Several steps later (and I mean like after we’d been walking for a while…not immediately after stepping in front of her), the woman says “Excuse you,” and pushes past us. Uhhhhh okay?

    Maybe she and yellow-shirt-guy should hang out. But they probably shouldn’t walk anywhere. They’d probably get in each others’ way.

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