The Summer that didn’t Happen

Honestly, where did my summer go?

It’s already September and I’m trying to figure out what hell happened to my summer.  Unlike my last few summers, this summer was just not like the others.

– I almost never visited Ennui to enjoy drinking coffee while reading/blogging and watching the sun set.

– I did not go to the Grant Park Movie Festival for the first time in 6 years.

– I never attended a single Chicago neighborhood street festival.

– I did not read a single book.

– I didn’t bike 900 miles.

– I did not attend a single concert.

– I forgot to lay on the beach at least once a week.

– I did not have a single late night city escapade with friends.

– There were no Wiener Circle stories.

– I did not go through a whole series of a TV show on DVD.

– There was no canoeing mishaps.

Honestly, what happened to my summer and where did it go?

To be continued here…


2 thoughts on “The Summer that didn’t Happen

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