The Summer that actually happened

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Honestly, where did my summer go?

It’s already September and I’m trying to figure out what hell happened to my summer.  Unlike my last few summers, this summer was just not like the others.

– It all began with the celebration of my goddaughter’s first birthday party from which Erica was introduced to Asian families (mine & Nacho’s).

– Thereafter began one of many, many trips to Chipotle as I helped MOswald pack for his big move.

– I kicked off a very busy wedding season (after quit one the previous year) with the celebration of Sara & Vice in the cutest reception ever.

– Then the day after, Erica moved up to the Chicagoland area…I got another free dinner, yes!  =D

– As the last day of school ended the secret was announced that I was leaving Guerin.  Talk about shock and awe.

– Starting off a new tradition, the honorary graduation of the Quigley boys at St. Barbara’s was a nice family reunion where we all came together as if nothing happened one year ago.

– The it was Katharine’s turn to move and to my surprise, the strongest person bailed.  I cried a little bit inside but AAron & I made us look like extraordinary men.

– Dinner with old friends are great, especially when you haven’t seen them in a year.  But what was better was Nicole knew where her loyalty lies.

– Erica came along to help me celebrate my sister’s birthday where we partook in a $400 bottle of vodka.  And it was damn good vodka!  But we still want to know what that shot was called.  Mmm…

– After eating out for lunch for the last 2 weeks, I realized things wouldn’t change much as I quit Guerin.  I miss the kids, I miss my WinXP lappy and being my own boss.  However, nothing could top going home from work for the first time in a year, smiling and being happy.

– The drive down LSD for the first time in a year almost brought tears to my eyes as I started back at the AOC.  Some times just never change.

– Seeing Steve as I helped fix Liz’s computer was great.  To them, I’m no longer a student but an adult a faculty member like them of the Great Q.

– Thanks to me, Erica had a taste of Chicago as a large gang fight erupted at the Taste.  But the night was not spoiled as we met MOswald and Maria where we double dated to the abundances of fireworks.

– The fireworks continued in Evanston where I met a dormmate of mine who I have not seen since college.  The random encourage reminded me how small the world truly is.

– After the 4th, I experienced the fanciest wedding of my life.  While Erica was gawking at the flowers, I was drooling over the top shelf open bar, the four course meal with fillet mignon and delectiable desserts at Lauren’s & Gary’s amazing wedding.

– Good times were always brought by Lauren & Gary so after the wedding the good times continued as we brought the reception to Durty Nellie’s mixing good times with the old times.

– After losing a whole day of my life, I found myself in Australia with MOzzie (formerly known as MOswald).   After carrying all our belongings for 2 days on our backs, slept in a cattle barn and learned that Hungry Jack’s was actually Burger King, we came to realize that Australia was pretty damn awesome.

_ I was blessed enough to attend my 3rd World Youth Day where English was the main language but the Catholic faith was universal.

– After learning from Germany, MOzzie, Mordini & I were prepared as we snuggled outside in Randwick, sleeping in 40 degree weather.

– The frigid night was soon compensated by a magical trip to Cairns where I got to snorkel and scuba dive.  This coming from a guy who can’t swim.

– Amid my travels down under, I was able to finally read Looking for Alaska and be a better nerdfighter.

– MOzzie & I spent one of our many dates in Australia watching The Dark Knight on the biggest IMAX in the world.  When the show was over, I was confused because I thought I was back in Chicago.

– I celebrated a 39 hour birthday to which I was greeted by many travel delays; however, thanks to awesome friends I was able to get home still early and be greeted by an amazing collaboration video.

– Still jet lagged, I tried to refine my swing dancing but Erica reconfirmed to me that I can’t dance.

– I was privileged once again to witness the beautiful union of two more friends, Lisa & Dan, as Wonger told me that my white russian was a gay man’s drink.

– Sick and feeling unmotivated, I ran my 4th half marathon.  Thanks to the help of friends and strangers, I was able to have my strongest finish ever.

– Even though I worked to almost 10 each night of that long week, I went home still laughing and smiling while everyone was tired and cranky.  “Hey this is still better than Guerin.”  “Dear God Pham, what did they do to you over there?”

– My parents celebrated their 25th anniversary as I feasted while Erica met the fully Phamily and found out she liked catfish.

– I finished the next installment of the Chronicles of a Half Marathon and this time I’m not saying afterwards, “I should have taken that clip out.”

– Steak & frites along with good Belgium beer with Katie & Mike brought back many stories of Guerin.  Expect this time I’m laughing about them versus wanting to kill myself.  Though, Mike was able to kill my wiimote.  😦

– Erica & I celebrated 9 months with spicy guacamole and a Cubs game.   Though the Cubs lost, it was worth it hearing from Erica, a Cards fan, cheering for the Cubs.

As Labor day rolled in, I was able to sit on the beach with Erica, looking at the lake and ask myself, where did my summer go?  What happened to it?  Where ever it went, it was sure pretty damn good.


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