On Our Minds

We’re all thinking about it.  We want to talk about it.  Just what do we say about it?

Based on what was presented, it’s hard not to deny that it’s anything but true.  But then again, what are we to believe?  Innocent until proven or do we just assume that it is true?

It has surprised us.  It has left some of us in shock. It left us with many questions.  Some wondered if anyone knew before hand.  Others ponder if this could have been prevented?  There are those who feel betrayed.  There are others who feel discourage.  Some of us don’t even know what to feel or are in disbelief.

The Church is asking for prayers.  There are others who is using this as an excuse to further discredit the Church.  No matter what, one thing stands: hope.

As sadden as I must admit to this, after working for the Catholic Church for most of my life and being a part of it during the sex abuse scandal, I am no longer surprised by the things priests do.  However, as a seminarian during the height of the sex abuse scandal, where people would ask me, “Oh, so are you a future child molester?  When do I expect to hear from you in the news?”  I do sympathize with them.

We hold them at a higher standard.  What we often forget is to hold ourselves at that high standard.   We think they are priests, but we forget that they are human like us who are priests.  They have faults too.  Yes, they are models and teachers, but they were like us too; sometimes they are still like us, struggling through smaller faults.

We often think that nothing would happen to the people or places that we know and are close to.  Time and time again, we are proven wrong.  However, one thing that we often forget that in an imperfect world, we all must hope for a better one.

Therefore, no matter what happened or will happen, we must always hope.  Not just for our fallen friend, but for the rest of the world.  We must hope.  Hope for something better.  Hope for a better life, better humanity, better world.  That’s why I stand by innocent until proven.


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