The Longest Night

For the past week, Marty & I have been working out together after school.  I needed a workout buddy, he just need to workout; period.  But today, Marty quite distracted during his workout.  He was doing his laps around the gym, but I could not help notice that something was on his mind.

Upon inquirig on what was a matter, Marty pulled me aside and put his hand on my shoulder.  It was going to be something big.  Marty’s uneasiness was making me nervous.  Did someone die?  Is his mother ok?  What was wrong.  Then, he said it:

“They’re closing Quigley.”

I looked at Marty, doing a double take.  Did I hear it right?

“John, tomorrow at the end of the day, they’re going to announce that they are closing Quigley.”

It was apparent by then he was holding back tears.  As for me, I don’t even remember; I was in pure shock.  We stood there in the gym, just looking at each other  trying to digest everything, while the kids played basketball, unaware of the news.

Marty told me not to tell anyone. Gerros & Shober found late last week because they were told that they could not do any recruitment runs.  Fr. Peter at the moment, was taking the priest out to dinner to them.  As for me, I was told to act normal.

It was a grey and damp evening as I waited in the courtyard for Fr. Paul.  It was arranged last week that I would adopt the kitten he found on this day, Monday, Sept 18, 2006.  I saw him came out of the courtyard door with the rest of the priests from dinner.  You could see it on all their faces, but they were forbidden to tell anyone.

As we were driving in the now drizzling night to Fr. Paul’s house, we both were short in our nonexistent conversation.  He knew what was going to happen.  I knew what was going to happen.  He wanted to tell me.  I wanted to tell him that I knew.  We both couldn’t say anything.  He just focused on the wet roads and I focused on scenery from the wet window.

“So do you know what you’re going to name him?” ask Fr. Paul.

“Quigley.” I said.

We both choked back tears and continued our drive.

When I saw Quigley again, since our first meeting 2 weeks ago, I saw this tiny grey kitten who was afraid.  He hissed when I first approached him, but then immediately came to me seeking attention and love.  I took him in that night and he became my pet and companion.  He became the first of now many pets to be named Quigley.

Fr. Paul dropped me off at my apartment, after a quick trip to Petsmart thanks to his generousity.  Little Quiggles ran amuck in his new home, while I just sat down, finally being able to take in everything.  I started to sob, feeling lost, betrayed and abandon.  I even called Kara to seek encouragement, but even that was to no avail.  Nothing could take away the shock and pain.  And yet, it was only the beginning.

That night, I laid in bed awake.  I couldn’t sleep.  Tears in my eyes, too much on my mind, and deep sadness in my heart.  Tomorrow was going to me the worse day of my life and I couldn’t stop it.  Tomorrow was the beginning of the end.  And yet, tonight I already lost everything while also gaining something great, as little Quigley slept at my side.  But tomorrow…

(to be continued…)


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