The First Day After

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After sitting on the lakefront with Danny, Joey and Billy and realizing what I need to do, I set my alarm early for the next day.  I always knew that I would want to return to Quigley to teach, never did I thought that I would do it right after I graduated college.  Now I know why.

It was a very cool, crisp Wednesday morning.  I stood outside the 103 E. Chestnut door where thousands of seminarians have entered and exited throughout the 102 years of Quigley Seminary.  I had my McDonald’s coffee and breakfast burritos in hand as I waited outside alone.

One by one, student after student arrived, waiting for the doors so they could enter school for the day’s classes.  They all looked tired, turn and some still had dried tears on their faces.  But, they all looked determined and hopeful.  I stood there with them, answering any questions I could and comforting them anyway I could.  Sure enough, I was able to catch a few smiles on their faces.

It was the first day after and each day after was just another day of faith, hope and love for each of us.  The young men stood up against the test of time as they walked through the hallowed halls of Quigley.  The faculty and staff diligently teaching to the very end, refusing to give up.  The alumni banding together to celebrate the rich history of faith and love of Quigley Seminary.  We are Quigley.  And like the phoenix, we will rise again.


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