Child Support

It is said that parents scarifice themselves for their children as they grow up.  Whether it’s food, clothes, a home, education or other necessities to toys, family trips, candy; parents give every ounce they have to their child and then some.  From love to money, parents sacrifice it all to their children.  Then one day, their child grows up and leaves home, becomes dependant on themselves while the parents sit back, watch and relax.

It is also said that when a parent asks for help in return, due to their old age, that child returns to help the parent.  From the necessities of food, shelter and adult diapers to a little spending money here and there.   But what happens when you’re parents turn to you just after you left, asking for everything in return?  What do you do?

This is one thing why I can’t stand the Asian culture.  This is one of the many reasons why I adamantly REFUSE to be considered Asian.  I rather be White than Asian any day.  Alas, I just have to settle as a Twinkie.

Coming home for the holidays and visiting on weekends, a phone call on occasion, and a favor when asked.  All those things I can do.  But asking for my life savings when I’m 2 years out of college and still in debt?  WTF?

Growing up, it’s already engrowned in a young child’s mind that s/he must support his parents when they grow old.  Back in the day when there were weekly paychecks, “3 checks for you, 1 check for mommy.”  In a world where the children live at home until they’re married, and then continue to live at home in the basement, next door or down the block.  Just so the parents can live off the child’s income.  WTF?  THIS IS NOT (explitive) ASIA!

Honestly, my parents pride themselves by not being FOBs or Asian as my sister & I grew up.  And here they are, asking myself, my dad’s sister and bloody GRANDMA for money to buy a new car.  (Don’t get me started on the car story.  Let’s just say my sister is bloody idiot.)  Where is the line?  What happen to the child goes off to live and experience life while coming home for the holidays?

What would you do if you were in my situation?  Most of you are college grads while others are parents.  What would you do?

I don’t mind helping them out but I still have bills and loans to pay.  In 2 years since I been out of college, I already helped pay for their property tax, foot the vet bills for their first kitten and now a new car.  I need to take care of myself too.  What more are they going to ask in the next few years?  (Property tax has been hinted again lately)  I’m not their source of income, I’m their son!


One thought on “Child Support

  1. I don’t know if taboo to sit down and discuss money to your folks, but you might think about it if it isn’t. In that case, sit down with them and spell out your personal budget, try to get a sense of theirs, and let them know they can’t tap a low well too often. If it is taboo, draw a line on things that must be paid for and don’t pay for even slight luxuries. And yes, the cat is a luxury.

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