Home is Where the Heart is.

It is said that “home is where the heart is”.  However, when I come home to my apartment each night, I still don’t ever feel at home.  I feel comfortable here but not “at home.”  Though I’ll admit, I feel more at home than at my parent’s place, I’m never at home there; I’m just miserable.

I call Chicago home.  I great up here and I love this wonderful city.  I do feel lost in it sometimes, but I feel like it’s a part of me.  Then again, the part of Chicago that I have always felt at home was Quigley.  Which is no suprised that after college, I returned to Quigley right away and now I’ll be returning there in 7 weeks.

There’s another place that I long to go back that I have always consider home.  Lourdes, France.  It’s beautiful and perfect there.  I miss it and long to go back there again.  There’s something about that place where I’m just at peace.  Now, if only I could that here in the States.

I always long to travel and perhaps due to it, I will always be a nomad; finding places here and there to call home for a short period of time but nothing more.  But I just wish I can go home each night and know that I’m at home for once.  A place where I’m at peace, happy and just myself.  But first, my heart must stop longing and seeking to travel around the world.


2 thoughts on “Home is Where the Heart is.

  1. this is a feeling I am well acquainted with. I even got asked this question by a canadian yesterday and it stumped me (where do you call home when you´re not in ecuador?).

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