And It Goes On and On My Friends…

Looks like I’m the last one to start running again since the half marathon.  I couldn’t take it the feeling of being slow again (not to mention the enlarging Budda Belly), so I finally got the motivation to go for a run today (after many previous feeble attempts).  A short 2 mile run to just get back into the grove; nothing more than to say, “I still got it.”

It was a gorgeous afternoon as I ran south through Loyola to the 1 mile mark.  Not bad for the first time back.  I decided to walk for a few minutes to see the new changes that Loyola had made.  As I was concentrating on the construction update map, I looked over to my right and lo there was an old familiar face of the past.

There was Paul Jannusch, the old building engineer of Quigley.  We chatted and updated each other.  And then, he chatted.  And chatted.  And continued to talk.  I couldn’t help but laugh.  Nothing ever change.  No need to reminisce of the times that were because Paul is sure reliving it for me.  After having him talk for just over an hour, I managed to excuse myself due to the dropping temperature and my lack of proper clothing.

It was nice to see him again, even if he goes on and on my friends.  It’s nice to know that whenever I miss Quigley, it always finds me.


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