Of Race and Voting

It was said that if a person does not vote for Obama, s/he is a racist.  Then how is that if a black person votes for Obama, it’s ok?  Is that not reverse racism?

It’s wonderful that one exercises her/his right to vote.  Citizens of not only this country but all countries must do that more.  What’s sad and disturbing is that those who vote because of race.

When I went to vote, I was at the polling place just minutes after 6 and the line was already out of the door.  I remember distinctly that when I was looking to move to Rogers Park, I asked one of my neighbors to describe me what the area was like and he said, “It’s very diverse.”  Sure enough, the line was very diverse: by age, socio-economic conditions, orientation and race.

After being in line for over an hour, it was my turn to vote.  I had my voter registration card, ID and references from different newspapers to assist me in the minor offices.  I was in and out within 5 minutes.  However, I could not but help notice the people who were shocked and confused, to say the least, that they were voting for more than the president.

Exercising one’s right to vote is important.  But what I can’t stand is uninformed, misinformed and ignorant voters.  Voting because of race is not why one should vote.  One should vote for her/his beliefs, principles, the country, the world and the greater good.  Alas, perhaps the electoral college needs to stay put for awhile longer as we hope that America becomes more educated in the next decade.


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