Philosophical Question #1

You were driving on a country road on a sunny and clear day.  The fields of crops are bare and you can see for miles.  You’re driving the speed limit that you’re making up and there is not a single car anywhere near you.  There’s no ditch on the side, just you, the road and the barren fields.  You’re coming to an intersection with a stop sign; you can clearly see that there’s NOTHING for miles.  No cars, no cows, no cops; nothing at all.  Do you stop or do you fly right through it?

And yes, you do have a radar sensor and it’s not going off.

My answer in a couple days.


One thought on “Philosophical Question #1

  1. I would stop a) out of habit b) a family member of mine got into a serious accident in a similar situation, you may have missed a car (in a blind spot from your A pillar), or a plane may need to use the crossroad to amke an emergency landing. I don’t think there is, really, any compelling reason not to stop, except for a minimal amount of gas that you could probably make up shutting your car off at a couple long stop lights. :o)

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