My First 2.0

Two years ago, I started to blog.  However, this blog was not the beginning of Pham 2.0.  Long before Facebook and YouTube, there was something else.  In the age that bordered between the Information Age and Web 2.0, I was active in a web community that precursor all the social network sites now.  (Bulletin board system, aka BBS, began the concept of online communities.)  Though the BBS I was involved in is now long gone, I was able to meet two of my friends today.  It was also through the BBS that I signed up for my first Web 2.0 application: iMood.

My account is long gone (nor do I remember it), but that was the beginning of my Web 2.0 revoluntion back in 2001.  What began your Web 2.0 revolution?


5 thoughts on “My First 2.0

  1. Isn’t it funny where life takes us? I met Mark on a BBS years ago too, through, in part, Christine. The line of transition went something like this:

    Age 8 – Met Christine at church
    Age 12 – Christine gives me her cousin Tracy’s email address to talk to her
    Age 13 – Tracy knows a girl from her church, Sar, who she thought I might like to talk to, and Sar introduces me to a BBS web community for other homeschool kids
    Age 15 – Mark arrives on the BBS, terrorizes it
    Age 18 – Start to talk on the phone and email Mark
    Age 21 – After meeting, hanging out, lots of visits, and long-distance date, hoorah, we get married.

    I always think – if the world wasn’t really as small as it is, if there was one link missing in the chain, I wouldn’t have so many wonderful friends that I have now, like you and my husband. 🙂

    I’ve been blogging since 1998, back on the now-defunct It weird me out to think that I’ve been floating around the web for 10 years now. It makes me feel a lot geekier than I like to give myself credit for.

  2. That is so… so funny. I was JUST thinking that when I was working on my new years resolutions for the next year, and I looked at the number of years I’ve had the LJ, and I wowed myself. Man, 5 years? Just as long as I’ve been married? Whoa baby. And back in the old bulletin boards where I met Pham, and a lot of cool homeschooled people, and Cassie’s way old website that I was so honored to update once in a while… Life moves fast. Look at where it’s taken us. =)

    Also, Cassie, I had TOTALLY forgotten about the Tracy thing. Scary how long we’ve known each other huh?

    Pham, you were around for my Web 2.0 experience. Yay Bulletin Boards. =)

  3. I totally had/have iMood. My account is still active though I haven’t updated it in years.

    I started blogging back in high school, my sophomore year. My skills haven’t really improved though. Meh.

  4. I started blogging in high school. Senior year. That blog is still floating around the web somewhere. Blog #2 was deleted last December.

    Before the blog, though, there was gurlpages. I had a site on there sometime around 8th grade. And I might’ve had another site either before or after that on angelfire. I’m certain that those are long gone.

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