That’s Gay

If protesters ever learned anything in Chicago, it’s do it the Chicago way.  You do it right, people will listen and support you.  If you do it wrong, Chicagoans will hate you and disregard your message.

This past Saturday, a gay protest rally for Prop 8 was held in Chicago.  It was slated for Federal Plaza, where organizers said 200 people will appear.  It said there were 2,000 that came but to be honest, there were way more people.  Thousand came only to take over the streets putting traffic to a stand still as they walked down Michigan Ave. where shoppers watched.  Drivers were pissed.  Shoppers were annoyed.  Residents were displeased.  The police were baffled.  And here I was, one of the people who got stuck amid the protest.

What ever happened to orderly protests like those during the Civil Rights Movement?  Those who paraded down Michigan Ave were loud, obnoxious, disruptive and frankly very rude.  Have history not shown itself that if there is a protest in Chicago, if not done properly will cause the citizens of Chicago to dislike you and further not support your cause?  1968 Democratic Convention riots.  The anti-Iraq war.  All of them failed to get their point across because Chicago will not care if you disrupt the peace.  When done right, like the immigrantion protest, people will line the streets and support you.  News cameras will walk with you and ask you questions instead of making you look like a fool.

I totally agree that you need to be heard.  But seriously, if you want Chicago to support you, do it right!  Otherwise, it’s gay!


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