When I Met You: Christine

I thought of this project over a year ago and never really did anything more with it.  However, my blog anniversary post got a few people pondering.

When I was administrator for an online anime RPG, I was person that everyone wanted to befriend.  I was the boss.  I was cool.  I was the man.  That being the case (which does not necessarily apply now), I had one of the largest anime RPG and I couldn’t run it all by myself.  So I “hired” my friends to help moderate it.  And that was how I met Christine.

Aside from being part of the RPG board where we played, posted and was part of the early Web 2.0 community, we also chatted online.  We kept on chatting long after the RPG board died and became good friends.  Throughout college we kept in touch; I went to UofI while Christine went to UMass.  Then, the faithful day when we finally met for the first time.

On the awesome road trip that I took with MC, Brian & Phil my sophomore year in college, we were scheduled to stopped in Boston for a few days.  After getting lost in MIT trying to find parking & Christine, it was about time that we finally were able to put a face/body/awesomeness to that IM screen.  Walking down the field in front of ugly Simmons Hall on the MIT campus, there I saw Christine bouncing up and down.  Finally, after 4 years of our online friendship, we were in front of each other.

One would think that meeting a person for the first time after talking to them only online would be odd.  I could not concur more for Christine kept on jumping up and down.  I was just hoping that MC, Brian & Phil didn’t think I brought them to meet someone crazy.  Oops.

So yes, we finally met, along with Christine’s husband Nick and Cassie.  Though my time in Boston during the trip was short, it was well worth it.  Don’t you think Christine?

P.S.  MC, Brian & Phil found out just seconds before we actually met that we were meeting for the first time.  Brian was freaked out.  Then again, that might had to do w/ Christine bouncing up and down.


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