In My Pants…Jokes!

So I was redoing my sidebar tonight while trying to keep in my theme of “pants” (or lack there of) references.  It then dawn on me that all of my Pantsless Friends truly exemplified the “in my pants” joke.  Just as the Vlogbrothers said, “book titles are funnier when you add ‘in my pants’ to the end of it.”  In my case, I have:

Libby – Always Rejoicing…IN MY PANTS

Steph – Can Teach…IN MY PANTS

Brian – Eastward…IN MY PANTS

Carly – Fearfully Awesome…IN MY PANTS

Erica – Flower Power…IN MY PANTS

Andy W – Hobo Love…IN MY PANTS

Cassie – Juxtaposed…IN MY PANTS

Jackie – On a Mission…IN MY PANTS

Christine – Slightly Crazy…IN MY PANTS

KJ – Stylishly Awkward…IN MY PANTS

Andy B – The Bender…IN MY PANTS

Katie – Time of Life…IN MY PANTS

Karen – Very Kinky…IN MY PANTS

Thehehehe.  I love you guys…in my pants.


6 thoughts on “In My Pants…Jokes!

  1. Angels and my pants
    How to win Friends and Influence People. In my pants.
    The Da Vinci Code? In My Pants.
    Lonesome Dove. my pants.
    Superfudge…..ok….I have to stop….this is getting freaky in more ways than one.

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