The Matrix

Seeing how Commonwealth Edison hit my car and it’s currently in the body shop, I have no other choice but to take public transportation to/from work.  On the way home yesterday, I was pleasantly nodding off when I got a text message from my friend Jake, who works a couple blocks down from me.

“Wake up pham. The matrix has you.”

I laughed at the randomness of the text until I realized: “Wait a minute, how would he know that I was sleeping on unless he see me.  So wait, that means he’s on the bus with me.  Whoa! Where is he?”  (Man how much more of a loser do I sound?)  As I proceeded to look up and down the bus, it finally dawn on me that he must be nearby because anyone far away would not see me.  (Duh Capt. Obvious!)  Lo behold he was sitting across from me.  (What an idiot.)  So we chatted it up on the way home seeing how we haven’t hung out in awhile.

Today when I finally got out of work, I looked at the clock and realized it was about the same time as yesterday, so Jake might be on the bus again.  Alas, I was on the bus ahead of his, but it didn’t stop me from messing around with him. Below is the text conversation I had w/ Jake on the bus ride home.

P: “U on the way home?”

Jake: “Yeah. Why?”

P: “U on the bus?”

J: “Yeah. I just hopped on.”

P: “Cluck like a chicken so i know where u @ on the bus”

J: “What are you up to?”

P: “On the bus too.”

J: “Am I really blind?”

P: “The maxtrix got 2 u”

J: “Damn that is fine. I love steak.”

P: “Lol turn around.”

J: …

P: “Made u look. =P”


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