And There was much Rejoicing & Dancing in the Streets

That’s right folks!  Blago has been arrested for corruption.  The [idiot] Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, has been arrested for selling President-elect Barack Obama’s senate seat.  Woohoo!

Seriously, when I heard the news, myself and about 50 people around me started to celebrate and dance.  Honestly, Blago is an idiot and I can’t stand him.  Since day 1 when he was elected the governor for the State of Illinois, he refused to live in the governor’s mansion.  Thus, the tax payers of Illinois must spend at least $25K a week to fly him to and from his home in Chicago to Springfield.  Then weeks later, Blago removed the tuition freeze for Illinois state schools (colleges/university) and caused my tuition to rise just under $10K my last 3 years.  And now, he is selling Obama’s senate seat.

It’s a great day for Illinois.  Blago is doomed.  Seriously, his approval rating is LOWER than President Bush (see the Chicago Tribune).  Now that says a lot.  Illinois hates Blago and now we can celebrate because he is done for good.


One thought on “And There was much Rejoicing & Dancing in the Streets

  1. Wow, when Jerry Brown refused to live in the Governor’s Mansion in CA back in the 70s, he did it to save the state money. What’s amazing to me with Blago is the fact that this sort of thing can happen in 2008! This is Prohibition-period style corruption! The mind boggles. I’m sure you know a lot more about the situation than I do, being in Chicago and all.

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