Swimming w/ Nemo, pt. 4

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Safely back on the boat, I could not stop expressing my elation that I 1. scuba dived, 2. saw the great barrier reefs and 3. am still alive.  MOzzie, Mordini & I were all in awe of what we saw.  That is, until we noticed that MOzzie’s nose was bleeding and was most likely bleeding for a significant time while we were under water.  How no sharks came by, we didn’t know but we were very thankful.  Then again, we could have seen sharks!

Though our scuba diving adventure was over, we still have yet to snorkel.  I passed on the first site because I was exhausted from diving, but I was able to sit out on the bow, take in a little sun and relaxed while MOzzie & Mordini snorkeled.

MOzzie & Mordini Snorkeling

When we arrived at our second dive site, I wished I snorkeled at the first site.  The waters were extremely choppy as we were unwilling participants of the game “rock the boat.”  Getting onto the stern of the boat was tricky, but putting on my flippers w/o dropping them into the water was trickier.  Even though I made it out alive after scuba diving, I was still not going to risk anything.  Shame or no shame, I grabbed a foam tube and jumped in.

In the water again, I realized that it wasn’t too bad.  That is until I realized that I had to swim 100 feet to the area where the corals were.  Okay, so how does this go again?  Arms out, feet straight and start kicking right?  Crap, my feet are sinking again.  Boy my arms are getting tired.  OMG!  The foam tube is slipping away!

Ten minutes later, I managed to gracefully maneuver to the snorkel site.  I’m sure the little kids who were snorkeling were laughing at me, seeing how it only took them a couple minutes to swim there.  As for MOzzie and Mordini?  Well, they all blend in with the mass bodies of wet suits.  Thanks for the help guys!

Looking down at the corals from above, I could not help myself but wonder which one of these corals would house Marvin & Nemo.   (Seriously, I kept my eye out for clown fishes).  As I felt my body bounce with the waves, I kept on gazing at the beautiful corals until I heard a whistle blew.  The watchman would blow the whistle if anyone was swimming too far away from the boat.  I knew I wasn’t far off because I swam directly out from the boat to the corals.  And so I thought until I put my head up and holy crap I’m about 45 degrees from the boat as the waves kept on pushing me further away.


Fighting against the waves was fun as i tried to stay calm and remind myself that I could swim…kind of…thanks to my foam tube.  Stroke after stroke, I thought I was going to die as I fought off the waves.  Finally, I was back where I started as i eased up to relax and enjoy the corals again.  It was short lived because the moment I put my head underwater again, I felt myself being moved.  Whatever happened to a carefree and relaxing vacation?  I’m working my ass off here!

I swear, I spent more time swimming than watching the corals.  Swim, swim, look at corals, swim, swim, swim, look, swim, look, swim, swim, swim.   I remember at one point as i swam back to the center of group that I looked over to my right and sure enough there was a small school of fish next to me.  They were so close that I could reach out and touch them.  I looked at them and they looked at me.  They were clearly enjoying themselves while I was clever out of breathe and in distress.  If fish could laugh, I’m most certain they laughed at me as they swam off.  Stupid clown fish!

Getting back on the boat, I once again was relieved that I was alive.  As amazing as seeing the Great Barrier Reef, snorkeling and scuba diving was, the biggest feat of all was overcoming my fear of swimming and coming out alive.  And the craziest part of all, I want to do it again.


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