Christmas Present for the Senses

If you got a present for each of your senses, what would you want?


As simple as this is, I always cherish strong and long hugs.  There’s something about a hug that just makes me feel loved.  Whether it’s a close friend, girlfriend or even my cat; I can always use a hug.  (Though a back rub now and then is nice. =P)



I always get chills seeing the Chicago skyline.  Not only is it beautiful and breath taking, but there’s just something about that makes me smile and feel warm inside.  Whether it’s driving down Lake Shore Drive in the morning to work watching skyline grow as I approach downtown or seeing it from above at night in the signature room, I cannot but say to myself, “This is my city.”

However, nothing makes me more feel at home than climbing the chapel spire of the St. James Chapel of Quigley Seminary and looking down below.



I’ll admit that I’m a sucker for food.  Because of that, I have to admit that I love the smell of food.  Grease, gourmet, sweets or liquid goodness; food is my coke.  Gyro anyone?


Possibly my favorite meal of all time is when my mom cooks Bún Bò Huế.  Pork & beef broth simmering for hours with lemon grass with the “red color” which adds a spicy kick to it.  Seriously, I could eat it almost everyday.  2 piece of pork on bone, thick slices of beef ontop of fresh Bún bò Huế noodles is how I normally have it.  Add a spoonful of chili garlic sauce, a lime slice, lettuce and a dash of pepper would make it just perfect.  Mmm, my mouth is watering.


There’s something about Sufjan Stevens that makes all things perfect.  No matter how good or bad day I have, Sufjan just makes it better.  Not being biased or anything, but Chicago always makes me feel like the gooey goodness of a fresh baked chocolate chip cookie.


6 thoughts on “Christmas Present for the Senses

  1. And then you hear John Wayne Gacy and it kind of kills your buzz on Chicago until Sufjan’s voice lulls you into calmness again. No but seriously, that song is kind of disturbing, I still can’t help but listen.

  2. is there a website where I can find all the pictures of that little character of the “hug” picture? I’ve already found 3 of it in some websites but I’m sure they have more of it (like happy bunny) so I want to know what the website is…?

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