Kissing is Bad for Your Health

It all started with this news post from the BBC: Kiss of Deaf

msmaven: my lips hurt real bad

phampants: @msmaven kissing is bad

andybender: @phampants at least it isn’t her ear drums

phampants: @andybender true. poor @lovelyanomaly she wakes up partially deaf cuz of me

andybender: @phampants creepyyy

lovelyanomaly: @phampants @andybender Wait. What? My hearing is perfectly fine. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

phampants: @lovelyanomaly kissing asians make you go death according to @andybender

andybender: @phampants @lovelyanomaly it wasn’t my idea, the BBC said it. and sick.

lovelyanomaly: @phampants Go death or go deaf? Cause I’d totally be dead by now. Reason #527 you should always proofread.

@lovelyanomaly I was SO confused on the “death” thing

lovelyanomaly: @andybender ohemgeee kissing. EWW

phampants: @andybender @lovelyanomaly sorry i can’t hear you. @msmaven my lips hurt; i think i’m dying.

lovelyanomaly: Snowy weather. Decided to get a caramel latte. Couldn’t help myself.

phampants: @lovelyanomaly i was thinking of getting a white chocolate frostea. wanna share?

lovelyanomaly: @phampants I already had a caramel latte. And I’d have to get out from my snuggly blanket. I think I’m set for now.

@phampants rejected! just like me

phampants: @andybender i know. want to go get some coffee?

andybender: @phampants yes, but I need written confirmation that my eardrums will remain undamaged.

phampants: @andybender is kissing even allowed on the first date?

andybender: @phampants true, then I am safe. what fancy restaurant are we going to?

lovelyanomaly: @phampants @andybender I am removing myself from this conversation. Consider this virtual earmuffs.

phampants: @andybender what do you have a taste for? you know me, i’m always up for some rice.

phampants: @andybender i see how it is…you’re ditching me too 😥


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