Top 10 Quotes for 2008

Here are my Top 10 Quotes of the 2008:

No. 10:

“That’s a Mac!”

– Ed S., during a seminar at Microsoft’s Chicagoland office

No. 9:


– Fans cheering from table 1


– Fans cheering from table 2


– Fans cheering from table 3, 5 seconds after table 2

No. 8:

I got to eat raw oysters with two hot Asian ladies.”

– Matt C.

No. 7:

“The military never treated us this bad. I miss basic training.”

– Mike R., on the topic of working long hours

No. 6:

“Man! That cougar has it going on!”

– Sergio

No. 5:

“Uh, excuse me. When you’re done, could you please clean my windshield too? Thanks!”

– Anne P.

No. 4:

“Hey Meg, want to hear a joke?”

– Erica

“Sure do!”

– Meg

“What do you call a computer geek that moves fast on their feet?”

– Erica

“I don’t know.”

– Meg

“A runnerd”

Erica, from Of Runnerds and Race Fans

No. 3:

“Oh it’s so bitter!

– Liam, from “Revenge of the Banana

No. 2:

“Five miles, no big deal.

KJ, from Top Five: Why Do I Run?

No. 1:

“Hi, I would like to order a large pizza for deliver.”

– Matt O.

“Sorry mate, we don’t have orange pizza.”

– Pizza Guy in Australia

“No, I want a large pizza.”

– Matt O.

“No mate, we don’t have orange pizza. That’s disgusting.”

– Pizza Guy in Australia


– Matt O.

“Sorry mate, no orange.”

– Pizza Guy in Australia

“Do you have anything with meat on it?”

– Matt O.

“We have a meat lovers.”

– Pizza Guy in Australia

“Fine. I’ll take the biggest meat lovers.”

– Matt O.


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