Visual Blog 1: Something Different

Here I am in my dark room, sitting at my computer wasting time because it’s too early to go to bed.  My cat is laying behind me on my bed, just waiting for me to give him some attention.  That or he lost his toys again under the couch and he needs me to fetch them.  Whatever it is, he’s waiting for me because he wants something.

It’s just another night and I’m wasting away on the Internet, you know, where all the cool kids hang as I pretend to be one.  Not my top choice to spend a night (who am I kidding?), but everyone I know is all busy with their own lives.  They’re either busy going out and hanging out; all having fun without me or they could just be busy.  Like busy cleaning their apartment.  Speaking of which, I do have dishes to do.  Eh, I’ll do it another night.

What was I doing again? Oh that’s right, hanging out with my best friend, the Internet.

First, E-Mail.  Then Facebook.  Twitter.  Mint. My neglected Blog. That reminds me, I need to update my blog.  But what am I to say?  I could always do another story about Quigley.  Maybe something nerdy?  Maybe another random but awesome adventure in my past.  Or wait, I could…nah, nevermind.  Some other night.  Now where was I?

That’s right. YouTube.

Erica says that I spend too much time on YouTube.  I would like to agree but how can I say no to the sXePhil?  Okay, that was just awkward.  But in all seriousness, I wonder if the Vlogbrothers posted a new vlog.  As a proud Nerdfighter (God how geekier can I get?), I need my daily dose of awesomeness.  As much as I love the FiveAwesomeGirls and FiveAwesomeGuys, Hank & John Green are they supreme kings of awesome.

Watching videos on YouTube makes me realize how much I want to be featured on the front page.  Whether it’s my own channel, which really has nothing worth wild, or the collaborative running channel, being featured is a a secret dream of mine.  Having the Runnerds featured would be great because we can expand our reach and further inspire more people to run.  Then again, I could always get featured.  However, that requires videos that is not my mom giving my cat a bath or me replacing an LCD screen on a laptop.

That means I have to talk to the camera…

Eh, I’m not interesting enough to do video blogs and who would want to listen to me ramble?  Let’s not forget the vast amount of editing to remove my plethora of “umms” and awkward glances at the camera. The few times I did try to vlog, I just look stiff and awkward. (Did I mention that the camera adds 10 pounds?) Though I will admit that the dark closet video was very clever.  Well, clever until I ate cat food, but let’ s not think about that.

Either way, I have a lot going against me if I do decide to vlog regularly.  I’ve not a girl and I definitely don’t have boobs.  (That would count as 6 strikes against me so far.) Then again, I am Asian and Asians tend to dominate YouTube.  There’s TheWineKone, HappySlip, KevJumba and Nigahiga.  Maybe I could be the next Asian sensation?

No!  Who am I kidding.

I could be the next WhattheBuck.  However, that would require me to be gay and Erica would not like that.  Collaborative vlogging has been done thanks to the greatness that is the Vlogbrothers and all the spinoffs.  What I need is something that would define me.  Something that won’t lose the feel that I have on my blog.  Something that I would be happy doing and challenges me.  What I need is something different.

Visual Blogging.

Instead of typing away my life on words or rambling to a camera, all of which has been done over and over and over again.  I’m going to do something different.  I’m going to visual blog.

So what you read here on my blog will be replicated on camera.  What you see on camera will be typed out on words.  Words will be animated and what you see will be documented.  I will be combining the two worlds and see where it would lead me.  That’s my challenge for 2009.  In addition to blogging, I will visual blog once every two weeks (knocks on wood).  We’ll see where it goes and who knows what will happen.  Whatever the case, you won’t have to suffer through me awkwardly talking to a camera.


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