My 4th Photo

Wow, never thought that I actually get tagged in an Internet meme game.  Thanks to my blogger neighbor, Tasty Chi-Town, I got picked and get to play with all the cool kids.

So the game is to find your 4th picture folder, post the 4th photo and explain it.  Good thing I went to Australia this past summer.  Otherwise, you would have seen interesting pictures from a Beauty and the Geek premier party.

This photo was taken on my first night in Australia.  As you can tell, it’s the Sydney Opera House.  MOzzie & I just arrived earlier that morning after traveling for 20+ hours.  Seeing how we were very far apart from our significant others at the time, we decided to have a man-date.  Dinner and a walk down Sydney Harbor to the opera house.  It was very precious.

Sydney Opera House

I took this on the harbor walk to the opera house.  Trust me, that thing is enormous! (That’s what she said.) It was the first picture of many from Australia.

Okay, now the part of the game where I get to tag other people.  Seeing how I have so many awesome friends but only 5 people to tag, I choose these amazing people:

Miss Awkward, you’re the coolest person that all our friends know.

Mr. Bender, you gotta have something incriminating to share.

Libby, I hope the 4th folder is something of Mexico

Christine, I’m making you blog more (and tag Cassie while you’re at it)

Beth, you gotta post more pictures!

(Karen, I’d tag you but I’m not sure if you have your laptop in Ecuador or not.)


9 thoughts on “My 4th Photo

  1. I haven’t participated because what’s the 4th photo?

    I mean think about it. Do you have your directory sorted by date, by name, by type? I don’t rename pictures out of my camera so they’re all CRW_2306 and the like. So if it’s by name, it’s you’ll have 20 similar pictures in a row, and if it’s by date, you’ll have like 20 similar pictures in a row.

    Anyway, that’s my thought. neat picture, great you got to go to Sydney. I don’t go anywhere.

  2. heyyyooo thanks for the tag. i really like the picture you chose. I never do these things but maybe I will this time… who knows… I like to keep people guessing…. 🙂

  3. Wow!!! Uber gorgeous. I like all of your Australia pics. I was there when I was 17 (so long ago…), and back then everything was film, and all of the traveling and x-rays ruined a lot of my photos, so I like yours. This one is especially neat. I was at the Sydney Opera House during the daytime, so I know I didn’t get such dramatic shots as this. Excellent.

  4. Beth – you know you want to do it… 😉

    Megan – It’s so rare to find another person who have visited Australia. I wish I was still there. It’s such a gorgeous country and there’s so much more to see. As for 35mm film, don’t worry. I remember those day. Thank God for digital cameras because it’s so much cheaper now to take pictures.

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