VB2 – Shoes

So, I have a lot of shoes.  Enough shoes to completely cover my closet floor.  It got to the point that I have so many shoes, I needed to a shoe rack.  Before you judge me and call me a metrosexual or a girl, let me explain myself.

My sister works for Aldo shoes.  She gets a discount on all the products.  So naturally, she shares the discount with herself, my mom, herself, my dad, herself, me and herself.  So half of my shoes comes from Aldo.  If you have the hook up, wouldn’t you use it?  So that’s why I have so many shoes.  Yet, that was not always the case.

Growing up as a little Asian boy, I remember that it was acceptable for guys to have 2 pairs of shoes.  One pair of sneakers and one pair of nice dress shoes.  Guys didn’t need anything else.  And for the record, I abide by those rules very well.

During high school, the rules changed.  From two shoes, it became acceptable for guys to have up to four pairs.  Just like before, a guy must have a pair of sneakers.  However, if a guy plays a sport, then he is allowed a pair of athletic shoes.  As for nice shoes, it doubled to two pairs; one nice set of black and one nice set of brown shoes.

It’s 2009 and it’s all about having the kicks.  Besides the usual pairs for walking, athletics and a nice set of black/brown shoes, guys are now expected to have a pair of casual shoes.  But it doesn’t stop there.  Add on “going out”, dressy casual, boots, sandals and flip flops (You put them on your feet and wear them when you walk; so yes, they are shoes.)

And I now publicly admit that I have 12 pairs of shoes.  They are…

– 1 pair of walking (old running shoes)

– 1 pair of running

– 1 pair of black dressy

– 1 pair of brown dressy

– 1 pair of black casual

– 1 pair of brown casual

– 2 pairs of kicks

– 1 pair of work shoes/boots

– 1 pair of water shoes (for canoeing)

– 1 pair of flip flops

How many pairs of shoes do you own and what are they?


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