Four Eyed Monster

After seven years of sporting the same pair of glasses, I finally decided to get a new pair.  Something fashionable.  Something that makes me look a little less nerdy and a lot more cool. (Coughs) Something that would make at least one less person laugh when s/he looks at me.  (Coughs) Something that would make the ladies go “Ooo la la”.  (coughs coughs) You know, something different.

But before we venture into my new look, let’s take a quick peak and learn the history of this four eyed monster.

pair 1I remember when I was in 6th grade.  I was devastated that I had to get glasses.  I was already picked on enough during school.  I didn’t need to give the cool kids more ammo.  There were only about 3 other kids who had glasses at the time.  And at that age, glasses automatically placed you in the tier of super-uncool-nerd.  Let’s just say that looking back, my first pair of glasses is what you would call your grandfather’s pair.  It was your aviators frame but without the tinted lenses and the cool person wearing it.  I had no idea what I was thinking back then, but WOW.  I wore those pairs for about 2 years until I broke it while attempting, and I highly stress the attempting, to play basketball during gym class in the 8th grade.

pair-2For the first two years of high school, I sported the Harry Potter glasses.  That’s right folks, I had Harry Potter glasses long before Harry Potter was cool.  As you can see to the picture on the left, which was taken during freshmen orientation, you cannot deny that those are round black frames are the Harry Potter. glasses.  What’s missing is the lightning blot scar on my forehead.  Hmm… I wonder if they would have chosen me as Harry Potter for the movies if I still had the glasses.  This pair lasted me for another 2 years until I lost it in Vietnam when I was visiting my relatives for the first time.

pair-3aMy third pair cost me only $20.  As cheap as they were, you get what you paid for.  This pair would NEVER fold.  It was just flimsy metal that kept the same shape constantly.  And seeing how it is so flimsy, it does get bent pretty often.  Looking at the picture to the right, while ignoring my teenage pimpled face, you can tell the glasses are pretty crooked.  On the bright side, this pair was light as a feather.  I would always forget that I was wearing them.  However, the most important thing about this pair was that for the first time, I had glasses that properly fit my face and worked with my Asian eyes.  This pair lasted me 2.5 years until new years day my freshman year in college.  I accidentally snapped it in half when I was trying to straight the frame.

pair-4My fourth pair is what most people know me by.  I wore this pair for 7 years.  All throughout college and my first 2.5 years in the real world, this was my signature four eyed monster look.  The biggest change in this pair, compared to the previous ones, was that it was only half framed.  However, I was more excited that this particular pair I could fold up.  Not only was this pair as light as the previous one, but it was stylish and made me look half decent.  But that was not the coolest part.  This pair was so thin and small that I could wear goggles or even aviators over it.  The best part is that you can’t tell that I’m wearing 2 pairs of glasses.  Nerd scores cool points FTW!  Seriously, can you tell at all?  No!  I don’t think so.

construction-pham aviators

After 7 years, it was about time for a new pair of glasses.  At least this time, I did not break or lose my glasses to warrant a new one.  I needed a change.  Besides, the old pair had a scratch on the lens which gave me an astigmatism.  Alright, with further adieu, here are my new glasses:

So, what do you think?  I like them. =D  Oh yeah, and one more thing.  I got shades too!



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