Mr. McSqueaky

Now I’m not a huge fan of rats, particularly the city rats in Chicago that can grow to a size of an adult cat.  However, there was just something about Mr. McSqueaky that I couldn’t resist.

It was a relatively slow morning at work and I was sitting in my cube until I overheard a few of my colleagues.  A rat happened to be stuck in the window well.  He was probably avoiding the people who were walking and unfortunately jumped into the well in hopes of finding cover.

So there he was, helpless and stuck.  Looking out the window, we couldn’t help but see him peaking inside asking for us to help him. How could you say no to that precious face?


Surely enough, help did come, but not the help that he wanted.  The City of Chicago workers were walking by and happened to notice him.  Mr. McSqueaky stood no chance but he sure put up a fight.  All he wanted was to get out and the evil workers just wanted to remove his presence.  After a long fought battle between Mr. McSqueaky, a 2×4 and metal pole, the city workers won.

My department sadly went back to work.  Thank you for brightening our day Mr. McSqueaky.  May you find a plethora of cheese in rat heaven.


6 thoughts on “Mr. McSqueaky

  1. Oh man. I find him quite cute; I had a hamster and generalize my love to all rodents.

    My best friend/co-blogger, on the other hand, has a terror of rats that rivals my own daddy long legs phobia. I like your blog, but I will never, ever send her this link.

    I’m actually interested that this was in Chicago, because I was just talking to a friend who moved from NYC to Chicago a couple years ago, at about the same time I moved from NYC to Madison. He was saying that he never thought about how dirty and gross New York was until he lived someplace else (also a big city, even!) and found that it’s actually not normal to have garbage and rats all over the streets. Like, who knew?

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  3. Elizabeth – the rats in Chicago can grow to the size of a full size cat. I’ve been to NYC, Chicago is by far cleaner. NYC just have too much people and thus so much trash. It can never stay clean

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