VB4: What I Love

I love..

– Traveling, especially aboard

– Chicago

– Australia

– Texting

– Road trips

– Baseball

– Quigley

– Photography

– Teaching

– Hanging out w/ my friends

– Domo

– Driving down LSD

– Cooking

– Big Honking Medals

– Running

– Margo, John Green, Hank Green and all the Nerdfighters

– Lamp

– My cat

– Long walks on the beach

– Beer

– Friends

– Wrgley field

– Biking

– Making videos

– University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

– Chicago Cubs

– Not wearing pants


11 thoughts on “VB4: What I Love

  1. 1. Yes!!! finally acknowledged. only took about 5 million videos
    2. pulling out the pictures from the mosaic and eating it was slick
    3. domo impression made me literally lol
    4. the lamp O_O ….hahahaha

  2. i realize you say to post on youtube, but that is just not my natural inclination. I am glad that you tagged me, and i must say of the little pics i could see in the video, how precious i made the list. Hope you feel better

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