The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

It’s past 2 AM and I’m tired of lying in bed hoping that I would eventually fall asleep.  I lost count of the sleepless nights I have had these past two months and the many caffeinated mornings that follow.  Happy dreams of old are long gone but empty, lonely nights have taken its place.  Sitting here in my dark living room, I can’t help but notice the warm city glow outside my window on this awfully cold night.  There’s just something about the quiet glow that brings excitement to my heart.  Something about the city that makes me feels not so alone.  I know there’s someone else out there who is sleepless on this night and looking outside his/her window wondering the same thing I am.


On the bright side, my cat is sure happy that I’m a awake.  He thinks its playtime.  Sadly, I could barely tell where he is in my dark apartment.  All I hear is his paws pitter-pattering as he runs around.


6 thoughts on “The District Sleeps Alone Tonight

  1. Great shot.
    I always try to comfort myself thinking things like that when I’m not feeling too good.
    There’s always someone as lonely as me.
    There’s always someone as restless as me.
    There’s always someone as sad as me.

  2. That shot is beautiful, but it makes my stomach hurt.

    Just looking at it makes me anticipate having to parallel park…and I can’t do it.

  3. @girlslashwoman – the world is smaller than we all think. there’s always someone out there thinking the same thing you are.

    @katie – i love the view from my apt. as for parallel parking, there’s one rule that Chicagoans follow: love taps. it makes it so much easier

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