Breakfast Anyone?

I’m not a breakfast person. Don’t get me wrong, I love breakfast; especially hot breakfast. I eat breakfast whenever I get a chance. However, I’m not big into waking up early to make breakfast and then eat it. I’m just not as dedicated as Wheezy Waiter.

The problem is that I love sleep too much. Between breakfast and sleep, sleep is the hot cheerleader I would love to make out with and breakfast is my best friend who is stuffed in the locker, again. If I had a choice between which I would spend time with, it’s sleep. Sorry breakfast, I promise to let you out from the locker before you get moldy.

Occasionally, on my walk from the parking lot to work in the morning, I would stop by McDonald’s for either their breakfast burrito or Egg McMuffin sandwich. As good as it sounds, nom nom nom, it’s not the best for my body. If I’m really lucky, someone at work would bring something in to share. Or if I’m really desperate, I would wander the floors in hope of some delectable delights (donuts, cupcakes, cookies, etc.) that another department brought to share. (Hey, people like to keep their IT folks happy. I just benefit.)

Today, I have not been lucky at all. So far, I drank company coffee, ate 4 Twizzlers and contemplating chewing on a Mamba. Scratch that, chewing on one right now.

Breakfast anyone?


8 thoughts on “Breakfast Anyone?

  1. hahaha! i loved your metaphor there..

    i am not much of a breakfast person in terms of i tend to skip breakfast but i LOVE breakfast food. i could eat it for lunch or dinner.

  2. I looooove breakfast. You need to invest in some breakfast-to-go items, my friend. Granola bars. Carnation Instant Breakfast. Muffins. Heck, even pop-tarts.

  3. Haha, I totally used to be like you, and skipped breakfast because I would rather sleep, but in my effort to save money, I’ve been making myself breakfast. I’m actually becoming a morning person and I kinda like it!

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