VB5 – Books


We’ve read them.We own them.We smell them.We let them collect dust on our bookshelves.

I’ll admit that I’m not the most avid reader around.I tend to read in phases and certain seasons.If I find something good, I’ll start reading it and continue to read it until it’s done.That’s how I was able to read all 1432 pages of “Les Miserables” in just over a week.Then again, I tend to be more of a reader during the summer months where my 20-something self would sit outside of a café and shameless read all 7 “Harry Potter” booksover the course of 3 weeks.

Overall, I don’t read much.Personally, I would like to read more, but as you know, it’s not summer yet.However, I do like to own books.There’s just something about owning books that just gives me a good feeling.Perhaps, it’s because I know that when I’m in the reading mood, I could easily pick out a great work of literature from my personal library.Or maybe because people will think I’m well read due to the wide variety of books I own. (It’s the latter.) Either way, just keep in mind that one should never judge a book by its cover and please don’t judge the kind of books that a person owns.

I do enjoy a wide variety of books.I love the classics from great authors like Charles Dickens to modern classics like the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”.Along the line of classics, children’s literature will always have a special place in my heart.In the end, I like all different kinds of books; even if I haven’t read them all.I just find it humorous that a lot of my books fall under the “in my pants” joke.

-“An Abundance of Katherines” …in my pants.

-“Great Expectations” …in my pants.

-“Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” …in my pants.

-“Brave New World” …in my pants.

-“The Hot Zone” …in my pants.

So how many books do you own?Have you read all of them?What are your favorite books?


9 thoughts on “VB5 – Books

  1. I think you should scout out your video center, not books, I’m a guru, let me adorunrun review some shiz (LOL)

      • Yeah, I found it incredibly hard to get into in the beginning (I almost put it down, which I never do; instead, it just took me weeks to read it), and then the ending is super lame, *but* I actually got into it in the middle. I think the Hassan character really kind of saves it for me.

        If you’re interested, I wrote a long rant about An Abundance of Katherines, why it doesn’t quite work for me but I wish it did, and why I more generally want to love John Green’s books more than I actually do, over on my blog.

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