That Man Deserves to be Shot


Mark: that man deserves to be shot.

Pham: LOL

Mark: Do you send me things like that to annoy me?

Pham: haha.  see my thought is that if anything happens to me, i have 2 phones. 1 to call 911 and the other to tweet.

Mark: haha. you’re an idiot. i hope you die.  not that alerting people is bad per se, but the fact that your nerdiness is so strong that you’d still be thinking about twitter.

Pham: hahahahhahaa


4 thoughts on “That Man Deserves to be Shot

  1. Mary, Joseph, and Hector, that man does deserve to be shot.

    The headline didn’t get me to this place of judgment — I thought, maybe that’s an innovative way to let people know you need help without attracting a burglar’s attention! — but reading the actual Tweets did.

  2. i cannot get the hang of twitter for the life of me! i mean, how…why…??? ppl follow me, but i dont get it. why do they care what i’m doing? isnt facebook bad enough? i am hopeless when it comes to this stuff …i cant even figure out google reader…but i depserately need to so i can check out blogs from work now..

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